Featuring Ms Toi FBI, Fabulous Beauty Investigator

Sevananda Natural Foods Market’s School of Commonhealth and Ms Toi’s Healthy Beauty Awareness is a collaborative project which offers educational resources to consumers who wish to gain a greater understanding of how to shop for healthy beauty products, keep abreast of ingredients in products, and stay updated on legislation regarding beauty product safety. “Beauty Watch” provides information about toxic beauty product ingredients and healthy alternatives. It will also be a place to share information about industry issues and legislation. Beauty Watch features Ms Toi FBI, Fabulous Beauty Investigator. Inside the “Beauty Lab” consumers are offered hands-on opportunities to demonstrate healthy beauty Do-it-Yourself projects with some training.

Ms Toi grew up in a home where natural remedies were the means to health and beauty. As she discovered her love of makeup she tapped into her upbringing. Ms Toi’s philosophy is to approach beauty naturally.
She has combined her roots as a Model & Actress, Exercise Science, BS (Georgia State University), Certified Esthetician (AVEDA Institute) to create a unique marriage between the art of beauty and the science of health.


Healthy Beauty Meet & Greet

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Beauty Watch III-Sunscreen-Morning Shower Ms.Toi 12-3-12
BeautyWatch I-Children’s Health Day Ms.Toi 10-1-12


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