One of the most common issues that is often presented to us in the Wellness department is the issue of hair loss. Or if hair loss is not the issue, many people simply want to grow more hair…thicker, healthier hair. Yes, we’ve heard that “long hair don’t care” and even “short hair don’t care.” And one of the latest fashion forward trends is even to shave your hair into a fly fade, buzz cut, or completely bald if you desire…and to simply love the lock-less beautiful you. But it’s a different story, and we do ‘care’- a lot, when we start to lose hair unexpectedly. When that happens, it can have a different effect on our self-image, and can feel like we’re turning the page to a chapter that we’re not quite ready to embrace. When that happens we’re often trying to figure out a way to hold onto what we have, and re-grow what has slipped away. And during that process some try fashionable, creative options to camouflage it, while some just go with the flow of what’s happening and adjust to their new hairline. And, of course, some simply shave it off, and keep it moving. But regardless of how we style around the issue, it’s good to know what caused the change, and what we can do about it. So yes, let’s deal with the literal and proverbial ‘root’ of the issue, as the condition of the hair can be an indicator of the state of our health in certain ways as well.

Many people come into the department who have noticed that their hair has started to thin, either all over or in certain areas. This can be frustrating and stressful because it can feel like it is happening beyond our control, and it changes our look. And one of the most requested supplements many have heard will help with this is Biotin. While it is an important B-vitamin that can be effective, biotin itself is often not the only element that is needed to grow the hair back or make it thicker and healthier. The fact is that a whole array of vitamins, minerals, proteins and essential fats are critical for healthy hair, just as they are essential for overall health and proper functioning of all of the body’s systems. So make sure that you are consistently getting in your Omega 3’s, Vitamin C’s to help produce collagen, all of the B vitamins, Sulphur, Silica, Selenium, Magnesium etc. And in getting those same nutrients consistently…you will also be protecting your heart, brain, joints etc from declining as well. Of course a healthy diet with lots of colorful vegetables, healthy proteins, superfoods like Moringa, good fats like flaxseed or hemp and black seed oil, and of course plenty of clean water. Some may need to supplement the diet with quality multivitamins and minerals…to cover their bases to intake the 90 essential nutrients on a regular basis. Sevananda carries a wide selection of these quality options.

At the same time, another factor that’s very important to consider is healthy circulation. We have seen that many people have experience thinning hair as a result of circulation issues- in short, clogged arteries. This is an issue that is happening at younger ages. Addressing this issue can not only help grow the hair back, but it could also help to save someone from a heart attack or stroke…by helping to clear blockages from the blood vessels. Curcuflow and Kyolic’s Circulation Formula could be helpful with this issue, and customers have reported positive feedback after including on of them in their regimen.

But aside from circulation, another very common cause of hair loss and thinning is often hormonal issues, usually related to aging. This is often the root issue when thd hair loss pattern is at the top of the head and at the temples. However, even though this pattern of balding is very common (in both men and women), that does not mean that the issue can’t be addressed and possibly even turned around to some degree. But it is necessary to actually address the enzymes that are being produced as we age, because these enzymes are making it so that hair will not grow in those areas…no matter how much Biotin, horsetail or jamaican black castor oil one may use. In those cases it may be necessary to use products that contain DHT Blockers, so that the hair follicles in the affected areas will be able to grow hair again. We carry products that have proven to be helpful for this issue. Those include Emerald’s Collagen, Skin, Hair and Nails and Country Life’ Maxi- Hair.

Other possible issues that may be the root cause of hair loss, or having less than enviable hair, could be thyroid issues, stress, medications, strain on the hair from braids or weaves, or even fungus or yeast issues. And in those cases, it is necessary to address those direct causes.

Sevananda also carries a selection of herbal hair growth oils and herbs that support the quest for healthy hair. But whatever approach you take, we carry many products and elements to help to support you along your hair care journey of many.


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