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With the help of our Wellness experts, you’ll easily find the natural products you’re looking for to take charge of your own health, beauty and well-being. None of our beauty products are petroleum or synthetic based, many are locally sourced, and all are cruelty free. Our selection of bulk herbs, teas and spices is the largest in Atlanta, including more than 300 different herbs — all at prices other stores can’t beat. And we carry a complete range of minerals, supplements, and packaged teas, plus candles, incense and books.

Words From Kim Purefoy

Renew and Detox Your Life ~ Body and Soul

As we turn the page to create new chapters in our lives, particularly at this time of the year, most of us are seeking more effective methods to improve our health naturally and to evolve wholistically in more meaningful ways. We find ourselves committing to renew and become better, often both outwardly and inwardly…body and soul. Some are focusing on building a stronger immune system to protect against the “flu season.”  Some are seeking solutions for “hereditary” or “age-related” issues. Many are looking to shed weight or shed mental and emotional baggage, and a lot of people are re-committing to “detox” and get rid of all types of toxins that we know junk up everything from our digestive tract to our aura field. Whatever it is that weighs us down or holds us back from being “all that” all the time, we know it’s now time to get busy on reaching our goals.

One popular goal relates to the issue of age, and staying or becoming younger, or protecting against and improving conditions labeled as age-related. And given what we now know, this is actually a reasonable goal. Along that line, it has been said that we get a new body and it regenerates itself every 7-10 years because we always get new cells. After factoring in details that adjust this notion down to which cells renew in only a few days and which cells may never be replaced, we can still consider the concept that we can rebuild and become younger if we feed our body the needed nutrients- living foods and quality supplements. These essential nutrients create healthy cells to literally rebuild a “new you.”

The goal of building a stronger immune system also relates to the issue of feeding our body essential nutrients to create healthy cells. Many of the conditions we address daily at Sevananda- from chronic fatigue and colds, to hair loss, hormonal, sexual, or even more serious issues- are greatly impacted by nutritional deficiencies. A lack of minerals, vitamins, essential fats and amino acids are often a key factor. Therefore, it is our goal to provide a wide selection of quality Super Foods and nutrients. A nutrient dense Super Food such as Moringa, Sea Moss, Kelp, or essential nutrients such as Omega 3’s and quality multivitamins, can make a world of difference to our health and longevity. By feeding our body what it truly needs, we can even flip it and transform the “flu season” into a “Dynamic You Season”…as this can be a nutrient deficiency season more than anything .

When it comes to the popular topic of detoxing, it is indeed an important goal to eliminate toxins from our temples. If we take out the garbage weekly at home, then we surely want to rid our body temples of it regularly as well. Even when it comes to weight loss, it is often WASTE that is the core issue seen bulging from our waists, moreso than “weight” oftentimes. So we also encourage focusing on detoxing other systems beyond the colon, including the liver and the blood, and killing parasites. Therefore, Sevananda carries effective herbal formulas to assist with these goals. These herbs and products can help with new year’s goals, but are also available to help us detox on a regular basis as well- weekly, monthly, seasonally.

It is a personal choice and journey regarding which route we take as we renew and care for both our outer and inner beings. There are many routes we can take. Our Co-op is a progressive resource that offers aromatherapy, books, candles, and many mystical tools for various forms of self-care, meditation and spiritual rituals. All of these resources are available to help us evolve and improve. We invite you to come visit us again during this time of evolving and new beginnings. Our Sevananda “Wellness Warrior” team considers it an honor to serve you and our community, as we remain committed to providing our best in quality products and services to help you work toward your goals for a renewed You.