(Sevananda) – UPDATES 3-27-20

Our temporary hours Starting Monday March 23, 2020 will be

10AM – 8PM daily… Seniors Only will be from 9am – 10am 

Bulk Herbs 10am – 1pm daily


This will accommodate more time for stocking and cleaning.

You have been amazing and its been a pleasure serving you. Please be advised that social distancing protocols are now in process at this time. We are allowing 25 people in the store simultaneously. You must maintain six foot distancing protocols outside the store as well. We’ve got the logistics down and it’s working pretty smoothly with minimum wait times.


 Friendly greeting from a Sevananda staffer or security officer at front door.

  • Friendly greeting from a Sevananda staffer or security officer at front door.
  • Be patient and kind
  • Per our e-blast and social media postings, our water refill station is currently closed. Therefore empty bottles will not be allowed instore at this time.
  • Basic info will be given upon entry and if you have empty bottles, you will be reminded of this.
  • Six foot social distancing will also be implemented in the next couple days or weeks in the wellness department when customer volume exceeds recommended distancing levels. At that time, a line will need to be formed in order to serve each customer. Please be patient and kind while we work to serve you.


  • Deposit returns for Cha, Sevananda Water, or Elevate Water can be processed upon entry only at the customer service desk
  • If you are not getting deposit return processed at the customer service desk, you will be asked to leave any empty bottles in your car.
  • New water bottles in 5 gallon ( 2 limit), 3 gallon (3 limit), and 1 gallon (3 limit) may be purchased.


We are allowing 25 people in store simultaneously.  Six foot spacing tape has been placed on the floors at each register and in wellness bulk section.  Please honor distancing protocols. Mgmt./security will enforce for overall safety of everyone.  We ask that you come prepared with a shopping list and be expedient with your purchases to allow for the next shopper to also get their turn!

  • You will be asked whether you are shopping for ten items or less or more.
  • You will be given a sanitized hand basket, mid-size cart or large card depending on your max number of items needed.
  • If you have a hand basket when shopping is completed, return the basket with clothespin to cashier.

It’s working smoothly and there has been very little wait time.  
Thank you for your patience and cooperation. 



Current sanitation procedures:

  • Counter and pen pads wiped down regularly with bleach
  • Workers will sanitize hands as often as possible
  • Hand baskets and cart handles will be cleaned as often as possible
  • Door handles frequently sanitized
  • Reusable containers no longer allowed
  • Bottle returns not accepted
  • Please use our hand sanitizer dispensers in the store:
  • Near the registers above the hand baskets
  • Column beside grocery carts
  • Next to the bulk herb station


  • Be patient and kind
  • Do not enter the store if you have been diagnosed with COVID-19 or exhibit any flu symptoms
  • Only come in if you truly need to
  • Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer after entering
  • Bring your own bag and help bag your own groceries if you are able
  • Pay with credit/debit if possible to limit cash handling
  • Try to only touch the produce you are going to buy



  • We will not have produce specials for the time being.
  • Salad mix and bulk spinach are now prepackaged and will remain so for the foreseeable future.  At this time, no other produce items will be prepackaged.
  • Our produce distributor is beginning to run out of produce, so while we’ve done an incredible job so far of maintaining our displays, there are going to be outages without advanced notice.


  • Containers from home have been suspended for all bulk  items.  Please use our provided plastic containers or bags.
  • Nut butters, miso, etc have all been prepackaged.
  • Reusable bottles no longer allowed
  • Bottle returns for refund only.


  • We are out of hand sanitizer and it most likely will not be back soon.
  • Bulk Herbs available from 9am – 1pm
  • Immune support products are becoming out of stock all over the place with no imminent ETA.
  • Many of our direct herb and supplement vendors are really backed up due to overwhelming volume, so expect out of stocks without an ETA.


  • Extra grab n go meals and items are being prepared and now available, due to postponement of Hot Bar Service,
  • For your convenience basic salads are being made available in the bakery case
  • Bakery items continue to be available in the bakery case and in the wall case near hot bar
  • Self-serve coffee will no longer be available.

The following Self-Services are on hold until further notice

Salad Bar (salads in cold case)

Soup Service ( in grab n go case)

Coffee Service