PLEASE READ:  Owner Agreement Contract   As a New or Renewing Owner you are responsible for the information in this Owner Agreement Contract. By making payment to Sevananda Natural Foods Market you are agreeing to all rights and responsibility of Ownership therein.

Once you pay for your ownership share you will be called when your Owner card is available for pickup at the Customer Services desk. If you have any questions concerning this process, please feel free to contact Sharlise Lowe at 404.681.2831 ext. 111 or

If you are renewing or joining the Co-op for the first time, please hit the pay now button and a form will appear for you to fill out and pay. You will be able to choose more than one year to pay by pointing to the arrow for the drop-down choices to appear.  Once again thank you for being a part of our Sevananda Co-op Family !

Please Note that a $5.00 Paypal Surcharge is added when paying online.

New or Renewing Ownership in Sevananda Co-op