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Thanks for holiday dinner shopping with Sevananda Natural Foods Market! we appreciate you supporting your local community co-op. We’re working to improve our process each holiday season. We have made a few changes to better serve you and offer simplicity and convenience for our staff, customers, and member-owners. Please read instructions carefully and then click here to make your order selections and process your payment.

General Information and Instructions:

So here’s the scoop!
Dinners are available from Nov 26th and Nov 27th
Orders may be picked up either 11/26 or 11/27 ONLY unless approved by Deli personnel. (If someone tells you otherwise, DON’T BELIEVE IT! its a mistake. We do occasionally make them in our haste to please our amazing customers.

In order to improve wait times, we are offering the following pick up times:
11/26: 12pm, 2pm, 4pm & 7pm
11/27: 12pm, 2pm, 4pm & 7pm

Online Orders:
Sevananda is offering Full Dinners online pre-orders.
Dinner for 2 (Comes with 1 Entrée, 2 Sides, 1 Pint Cranberry Relish, 1 Pint Rosemary Gravy, 4 Dinner Rolls, 1 Dessert) The price is $49.99

-Dinner for 4 (Comes with 2 Entrées, 4 Sides, 1 Quart Cranberry Relish, 1 Quart Rosemary Gravy, 8 Dinner Rolls, 1 Dessert) The price is $69.99

-Make your selection of entree,  sides and dessert according to your dinner choice from the electronic order form
-Select your pick up date
-Select your pick up time
If you wish to order more than electronic order forms offers,you will need to complete an order form in-store by requesting an order form from a customer service representative at the customer service desk.
-Process your payment via the paypal link on the electronic order form.

In-store Orders:
Sevananda is offering Dinners and additional sides in-store.
Orders of more than additional sides not with Dinners will not be available via electronic order form online.

Online Computer ordering will be provided at customer services for in-store orders.

Please Note:
-Dinners will be offered in the grab and go case on first come first serve basis, not as pre-order items.

Once you have read instructions, click here…