Working Owner Elizabeth – here on Tuesday mornings

Sevananda is very proud to have had Owner Workers in one form or another since we opened in 1974;  and we rely on our Working Owners to accomplish many of the tasks that are very important to the running of the store.

One of our Owner benefits is the opportunity to apply for a position in the Working Owners Program volunteering your time in exchange for a discount every time you shop.

There are many reasons to become a volunteer here. Some Owners like being able to become more involved with the Co-op and its day-to-day workings.

Some people want to learn more about natural foods in general.  Some people want to be able to just meet new friends and try their hand at something different. Many find that their work at Sevananda adds variety to their life and gives them a chance to walk their cooperative talk a bit more.

What are the departments and general duties?

Produce — Stocking, packaging produce for reduction/donation/composting

Grocery —   Bulk packaging of dried fruit, fronting shelves, cleaning, customer assistance

Greeter —  Welcoming folks, getting carts/baskets, helping find product, assisting the staff as needed

Wellness — Cleaning, stocking bulk herb jars, and fronting shelves

General Merchandise — Stocking incense & books, cleaning and fronting shelves

Deli/Bakery — Doing dishes, assisting with food prep, packaging, working at the hot bar

Administrative —  Filing and data entry, organizing, cleaning, in-store health fair/out-of-store events, assisting Ed. and Outreach Coordinators

Plant Manager —  Caring for all of the live plants we have in the store, upstairs and down

Cleaning/Light Maintenance  — Helping with repairs, cleaning the store, our storage areas and painting

Promotions —  Working with Marketing Dept to flyer for events and distribute Co-Options out of the store and surveys of our Member-Owners and non-member shoppers

Alternative Practitioners — Have a skill or service such as Massage, Reiki or Acupuncture that you would like to offer our staff as a Working Owners?

How does it work?
Working Owners give time to Sevananda Co-op in the form of a 3-hour shift each week in exchange for a discount on purchases.

How do I apply?
Simply pick up an application at the Customer Services Desk or via the link below, Owner Services will contact you to set up an orentation time.

Please keep in mind that application to the program is open to all Owners but does not necessarily mean that all applicants will be hired for a position, or that you will be placed immediately after orientation. Placement and starting a shift is dependent on departmental needs at that time.

Although there are not always specific skills we look for, we need responsible people who will be able to make and keep a 3-hour-a-week commitment to Sevananda for at least six months. Joining the Working Owners Program will also depend on whether or not an applicant’s time schedule is compatible with the needs of the store. Other positions may occasionally be available for needs the Co-op may have at a given time.

What if I want to work but can’t commit to a regular shift?
If you want to work but know you cannot make the commitment, please wait and apply at a time when you can.

To apply for the Working Owners Program pick up an application at the Customer Services desk or download it here: Working Owners application

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