Kelley Colihan

Kelley started shopping at Sevananda almost 10 years ago. “What do I like best? Hmmm. I love the Hot Bar. There’s a good selection of local, organic foods here. I like that the store is small and there aren’t long lines. The prices are better than other places, too.” Kelley enjoys trying new things – like black quinoa, which she tried recently for the first time. She would love if Sevananda could provide a wider variety of unusual international foods.. “It would be nice if Sevananda would offer naturally caught game and fish, as well.”

Lorenzo Newman

Lorenzo shopped at Sevananda even before we moved to our current location in Little Five Points. Lorenzo is especially fond of the treats he finds in the Bulk Foods department, but also loves the teas, herbs and vitamins in the Wellness Department. “The people here are friendly and helpful. For me, coming here is like getting a ’little boy treat’ for myself.”

Ron Hampton

A Member on and off since the 70’s, Ron has a long list of favorite Sevananda items, including the wonderful soaps, the bulk foods, pumpkin seeds, ginseng, incense, candles, and holistic teas. “I can find a little bit of everything at Sevananda,” Ron states. “It’s mainly a healthy living thing with me.” When asked if he can think of anything he’d like to change at Sevananda, his wry answer was, “I wish I had more money so I could buy even more!”

Lisa Baker

Shopping today with adorable 8-month old, Anastasia, Lisa has been a loyal customer of ours since she moved to Atlanta two years ago. Lisa’s family tries to eat organically and locally as much as possible. Her credo is “the most powerful way to show activism is by what we spend our money on” and she likes that Sevananda serves those who choose to “live consciously.” Lisa says she doesn’t do all her shopping here because Sevananda doesn’t carry meat, but nevertheless likes that aspect of Sevananda and would not wish it to change.

Rick Conley

Rick has been a Sevananda customer for some 10 to 12 years. Even when Rick lived in Douglas he shopped at Sevananda. He finds it much easier to shop here now that he’s moved right into the neighborhood. Looking for buffalo root (osha) today, Rick says he wishes it came in jars. The fact that Sevananda is a co-op is what appeals to him most. “I like the idea of community, of people working together. I like good food, grown close to home. That’s what I like about Sevananda.”