Co-op Ownership: What does it mean?

Sevananda is a consumer-owned cooperative. This means that we are owned by the people who use our services, not some far-away corporation or shareholders who don’t care about what we carry in the store, and why these issues are important to us.

We are owned by the 4,000+ Owners who have invested in the Cooperative and they invest $120 (payable annually in $20 installments over 6 years) to become a co-owner of the business and our Owners have benefits over regular shoppers, including patronage dividends if the store has a profitable year and a quarterly 10%-off shopping trip!

Ownership in the Co-op is individual – we do not have family plans and encourage all adults who share a residence to become members so that they can all make use of all the Owner benefits.

Please click HERE for the Owner Agreement Form (contract) and to join online today!

You can also join at anytime at the Customer Services desk from 8 am- 10 pm daily.

Our online forum was created to allow of our Owners to speak to each other and discuss Sevananda issues and things important to our community as a whole. Since we have thousands of Owners (and it would be a little difficult to get them all in the room at the same time) this provides a needed way to connect outside of our Owner meetings and provides a modern equivalent to the public square.  You will receive an email from Owner Services notifying you when verification is complete and you can begin your dialog with fellow Co-op Owners.   CLICK HERE to register —  and welcome to the discussion!

We hold annual meetings where the General Manager, Board and Owner Services give reports on the state of the co-op, the work of the Board and other relevent issues to our Owners. All Sevananda Co-op Owners are welcome to attend and we publicize where and when in both our newspaper, Co-Options, as well as in the store so that you can be an informed Owner!