Jerilyn Bell

Growing up, I was taught to cook everything from scratch. While that lesson was based in economics, it has provided me with a solid foundation of what quality food is. To this day, I still cook from scratch about 90% of the food I eat. Now, it is for health reasons because I took the time to learn what was happening with the food production in America and how it was impacting the uninformed. Overuse of chemicals, pesticides, hormones, sugars, and salt as well as misinformation regarding genetic modification are crippling our food industry. I believe we need to have continuing conversations about what is the best way to regain healthy food sources in America.

Jessica McMorris

As a motivated, organized, and detail oriented person, I have accomplished several highly relevant tasks to support Sevananda’s vision of the common health of our community. My past career experience provides me with a well rounded set of skills to assist the full Board of Directors in executing our goals as a cooperative. The past 15 months, for me, have truly embodied the meaning of our story name, “The Joy of Service”, and there is so much more work I’d be honored to accomplish if you decide to re-elect me on to the board.

Jasmine Simone

I consider it an honor to serve on the Sevananda Board, and I enthusiastically look forward to continuing in the work of those who have served before me. I am passionate about contributing to and creating quality community-led institutions. I want to do everything I can do support an industry where the community has freedom of collective power and benefits from inter-cooperative engagement.

I am the co-owner of the award-winning food-product line company “Anything Vegan (AV), where we make and manufacture Everything Sauces for Everybody – winner of the “Atlanta’s Next Culinary Adventure Competition.” Prior to launching AV, I worked in the corporate sector and was the creative genius behind many well-known corporate initiatives such as Whole Foods Market Entrepreneur University (WFMEU). As Executive Director of WFMEU, I was responsible for streamlining the process and educating new entrepreneurs to secure a place on Whole Foods shelves.

Again, I am applying for a position on the Board because I believe that people deserve quality food, premium shopping experiences, wellness education programming and reliable health resources. My goal is to add value to the huge strides Sevananda has made by providing resources for its members. As a creative director, my area of expertise is providing the tools and avenues necessary to turn passion into profit while preserving the continuity of the story. I believe connection happens when we communicate our stories well. I wish to advance the adventure of telling the Sevananda story and I’d be honored to serve you on that journey.

Marcia Ridley

I am a native Atlantan, reared by the late Mrs. Leola Robinson. I am the mother of two sons and married for 21 years. I am a proud graduate of Shorter University where I received an MBA in Business Administration in 2014. I am currently the Elections Supervisor for Spalding County, business owner in the Security Industry, former Chief of Staff for State Senator Donzella James, and a former employee of Fulton County Government.  I have used Sevananda many years. I became a member and have learned a great deal about living a holistic life style. By eating natural foods, I have experienced an increase in my health and wellness. I am less susceptible to illness during the year.

Jim Willliamson

My personal statement is a commitment to living a life that is genuine, authentic, honest and operate in a manner of integrity in all areas of my life. We all like to project an image of ourselves to the world as we would like it to see us as. The real person that we are is one we continuously keep everyone from knowing. As a result, we expel a lot of effort and energy in trying to keep those two apart. My goal is to condense those two realities into a person that the person I project as being me, is more like the hidden me to a degree that as I mature, there is little difference from what I say I am and who I really am.

Sha’ron Anderson

Sha’ron Anderson is a very well rounded, patient & community oriented young lady with a quiet strength & passion for progress. She is very much of an old soul. She is a very kind & considerate individual who has given generously of her time to support & promote various independent businesses & positive causes. Sha’ron possesses a very broad & well rounded perspective of the world. With her mindfulness, natural poise, determination, attention to detail & community building initiates, Sha’ron is sure to be a welcomed face & spirit to consider having as part of the board at Sevananda. Thank you for your sincere considerations.