Standing Board Committees

Member Linkage Committee
Crafts an annual and tri-annual plan for linking to members for approval by the Board. The Member Linkage Committee also takes the initiative in marshalling resources with which to enact the linkage plans which assure that member owner have full and appropriate access to services, benefits, and information of the coop. | COMMITTEE CHARTERS |

Finance Committee
The Finance Committee exists to aid the Board in understanding the financial statements and financial policies. Because no decisions are made, no minutes are recorded. The committee currently meets on the Wednesday preceding the board meeting to review the financial statements. For further information, please contact the committee chair, Audrey McGhee, by email at | COMMITTEE CHARTERS |

Bylaws and Policy Committee
Guides development, review, and enactment of bylaws and policies, to be voted on by the board of directors and/or member owners at member meeting. The committee also reviews Sevananda’s Board Policies and Bylaws on an annual basis in accordance with the board calendar of executive review. | COMMITTEE CHARTERS |

Executive Committee
Oversee operations of the board; often acts on behalf of the board during on-demand activities that occur between board meetings. Any acts of the executive committee are later presented for full board review. Committee is comprised of the officers of the board with the board chair presiding as chair. Other committee chairs may serve on the executive committee on an ad hoc basis. | COMMITTEE CHARTERS |

Ad Hoc Committees

Training Committee
Ensures the integrity of the roles and responsibilities of the board through comprehensive training. Training includes but is not limited to: knowledge and function of policy governance model; fiduciary duties and roles of board members; cooperative development; rules and regulations that govern cooperatives; any specific training needed to fulfill an individual member’s role on the board. | COMMITTEE CHARTERS |

Operational Committees

Food Integrity Committee
The Food Integrity committee was established in 2011 as a part of the Sevananda’s FOODWATCH initiative. FOODWATCH is A Food Awareness Project created by Sevananda Natural Food Market’s education department in 2009, centered around food safety with a focus on raising awareness about food integrity education, providing a quality resource for news, views, and general information on food safety, food legislation and food activism efforts. for further information the committee contacts are: Ahzjah Netjer Simons at or Asata Reid at