How do I contact the Board?


Contact phone numbers or emails for individual directors may be found in the Co-Options newsletter masthead in hard copy form in the Sevananda lobby or by visiting us online at and clicking on red Co-Options icon.

BOARD MEETING MINUTES: You can also request a copy of the meeting minutes from the above email addressor by visiting the customer service desk beginning July 1, 2014, to view the Board Meeting minutes book. Monthly Board meeting minutes will also be available via the Sevananda website as of July 1, 2014.


NEW: Board meetings attendees will gather at 6:15 pm with new start-time of 6:45 pm on the third Tuesday of each


NEW: A 10-minute comment period before each meeting to hear from our Owners. Each person will have two minutes to share their thoughts. The comment period won’t allow for immediate resolution or implementation, but will be one of the many listening tool for the Board to get a sense of what is on your mind.  A resolution and implementation process will be announced at a later date.

 Recap of the April 27th meeting:
Welcome to owners from new Board President Ahzjah Simons
Election results (above) and introduction of new board by Debra Bonaparte
Operation Report by GM Gary Hilliard and N’tianu Alghanee
Capital Plan updates by Sharon Mack
Owner Opporotunties by Ahzjah and Gary
Owner Q & A session and Owner/Board brainstorming by everyone!


If a Co-op Owner is interested in getting on the Board’s meeting agenda, the process is for them to simply complete the Board Agenda Request Form and return it to Customer Services Desk, in a sealed envelope Attention: Board Secretary.  Click for the BOARD AGENDA REQUEST FORM HERE


If you are interested in serving on one of the many Board committees you can get a application form at Customer Services in the store. Return it addressed to Carolyn Renee, the Board Administrator. Please also include a copy of your current resume or biography. The committee chair will phone you for an interview and provide you an overview of the work of the committee of interest and dates for upcoming committee activities. Click for the MEMBER OWNER COMMITTEE PROFILE FORM HERE