From the Heart and Desk of Adama
Board Member Chair, Linkage Committee

January 2018   

We continue our celebration of 43 years of commitment to the CommonHealth of our local community as the largest Natural Foods Market Cooperative in the South-east.  Sevananda has made great strides over the past couple of years in our financial and fiscal health, but now must re-energize our cooperative efforts in visioning our way forward as the needs of our community have changed over four decades. The Board of Directors is elected by active membership to lead the way in creating the vision for Sevananda and we entrust our General Manager and staff to put it all in motion.

As we are amid an upsurge in food security awareness and concern; increased conscientiousness of the efficacy of natural and wholistic remedies over pharmaceutical, surgical and invasive medical practices; as well as more Corporate initiatives in the wholistic and natural foods market; we must create more dynamic engagement and participation with our member-owners who remain our greatest untapped resource.

We strive to live in the awareness of the laws that govern our progression and know that growth, expansion and MORE is the natural order of the Universe and we seek to link with those who are caring to exalt life, respect life and re-align our lives with the forces of life who are our customers, member-owners, vendors, suppliers to create an environment that exudes health & wellness.

There are several opportunities you have in securing the CommonHealth that is the Common Wealth of our Coop, ourselves as well as our local and global community.

  • Become a Member-Owner by investing $120 for a full share & lifetime membership
  • Make the initial $20 investment towards your full Share of $120 in 6 easy payments
  • Re-activate your Membership by paying towards your full share
  • Attend the Coop 101 Class 2nd Tuesday of the Month
  • Participate with our upcoming Board of Director Elections to seat three Directors
  • Become a Candidate for Board of Director Elections
  • Vote during the Board of Director Election
  • Join one of the Board of Director Committees by completing and submitting an application from Customer Service. (Go to for the list of Committees)
  • Attend the Board of Directors Monthly Meeting 3rd Tuesday of every month 6:30pm
  • Attend our Member Mixers
  • Attend our Annual Member Owner Meeting
  • Attend the Coop Connect Visioning Sessions between Owners, Customers, Farmers, Suppliers
  • Participate as a Coop Volunteer (Get more information from Member Services)
  • Make sure we have your email address so that you are kept abreast of Sevananda events
  • Put your suggestions and ideas for Sevananda’s in writing and submit to Customer Service with your name and contact information.

We live in an auspicious time of change, progression and the fulfillment of karmic debt at every level.  It is my prayer that we each are on the right side of the equation of justice, truth using the keys of love, light and always seeking wisdom and balance.  The tremendous opportunity for growth and expansion becomes our actuality when we are truly committed to and successful in doing that which is in our own best interest consistently over time; where we share this daily effort and practice, we compound our successes and victories.

Bless you and Thank you for Being the one you are and joining us in our collective effort to increase the Common Health and Wealth of our local and global community!


Yours in the Light of Love and Service,
Adama Alaji,
Board Chair of Owner Linkage Committee  678-760-9299

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