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Board Member Chair, Linkage Committee

Spring 2017    

Sevananda’s Board of Directors is responsible for ensuring the vision, policies and directives of the member/owners, as well as the profitable operations of the Coop according to the principles upon which it was created under the administration of our general manager Ahzjah Simons.   My concern as Board Chair of the Linkage Committee, is the active engagement and participation of our member owners.

We are at the start of a new year and amid our Board of Directors elections process to seat three new directors each to serve a three-year term. Sevananda has almost 4,000 member/owners who have invested between $20 and $120 each, of those, less than 200 participated in our last election. We are asking for your participation in Board elections by voting for the candidates that represent your interests and the direction that you would like to see Sevananda move forward.

The issues that our families and communities face in this now moment are more intense than 43 years ago at the founding of Sevananda. We are aware of the many corporate, commercial and capitalistic initiatives in full effect undermining the integrity of our soils, food and quality of life.  There are so many more people with so many more diseases and illnesses, despite how many more Natural Food Cooperatives there are, despite the growing numbers of vegans or vegetarians, amidst the rising numbers of authors and books on the many particulars of wholistic healing, wellness and Being, or the increase in certified and licensed wholistic or holistic practitioners, naturopaths, herbalists, chiropractors, reiki masters, raw foodists, life coaches etc. etc.

There is more to be done in ensuring the Commonwealth and CommonHealth of ourselves and community that requires that reach out to all of those who are members, vendors, suppliers and customers of the cooperative. We can and should be much more effective in facilitating the real healing that needs to take place individually as well as with our families and community. We are the largest Natural Foods Cooperative in the Southeast, 43 years later, now we have opportunity to become the largest locus and focused center for wholistic wellness, educating, supporting, strengthening and building relationships that expand our outreach to all sectors and communities.

There are over 6 million people who live in and around the Metro Atlanta area, of the few thousand who are member-owners and customers, there is a wealth of untapped resources of talent, skill, ability and genius that could facilitate Sevananda leading the charge for creating stronger cooperative relationships in healing the people themselves, where city council and administrators focus on the physical communities, buildings, structures, green space and eye-appeal of the city with the world’s largest and busiest airport.

As a member/owner of Sevananda, not only do you receive a 10% discount on purchases monthly, but the greatest value in ownership is the privilege and responsibility of envisioning our way forward in meeting the needs of ourselves, families and communities toward healing, wholeness, progressive development and creative unfoldment; we dwell in the infinity of possibility as to what we can do, thinking globally and acting locally.

Although our finances and cash flow are increasing as we have weathered the storms of our past couple of years, our real wealth as a Cooperative as well as our true wealth is our ability to bring forth the gifts of our inheritance, heritage and generational wealth that we’ve received through our lineages and those who have come before us.  This now moment is calling us to step forward out our comfort zones, to reach for the ideals, to reach for life, to know that there is a divine plan for the reclamation of humanity that we all have opportunity to participate with.  We invite you to not only invest the initial $20 of 6 payments for 6 years to become a member or to go ahead and jump all the way in with the $120 to secure your lifetime membership, whatever is comfortable for you, but also put your ideas in writing, let us know who you are, what are your gifts, concerns, skill set.

Volunteer by becoming a committee member to assist in our cooperative resurgence and resurrection, nothing ventured, nothing gained.  Participate as an owner gaining the experience and giving of your service that grows you; pick up an application form at Customer Services and return it with a copy of your current resume and/or biography addressed to the Board of Directors and the Board Administrator will see to it that we receive it.  Once our new directors are seated we can commence with setting our new direction in getting member-owners to become committee members and activating our five standing committees: Policy Committee, Product Policy Committee, Training Committee, Finance Committee and Owner Linkage Committee.

Sevananda is a vortex of community spirit, bonding, care and sharing. Our collective mission now is to insure the CommonHealth that is the commonwealth of our members, owners and community, facilitating healing and wholeness through educating, inspiring, listening, sharing, participating, cooperating and providing the tools with which to enrich, empower and rejoice in in the abundant gifts and blessings of life.  We are here to serve you and very thankful to do so, join us in embracing this auspicious moment to be a beacon of light in cooperative responsibility to heal ourselves, families and community.

Yours in the Light of Love and Service,
Adama Alaji,
Board Chair of Owner Linkage Committee  678-760-9299

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