Unlike so many places you can shop, Sevananda isn’t just another unit of some publicly-traded multinational headquartered far away. We’re an independent business deeply rooted in the Atlanta community for more than 35 years, and wholly owned and operated by our local community of members as a cooperative. That means we don’t answer to anyone beyond our community when it comes to what we can offer on our shelves or how we set our prices. And instead of enriching a corporate bottom line, we pass on savings and dividends to our members — the low fee means membership actually pays for itself after just a couple of average shopping trips. Join us, take part, and start saving right away.

Consumer, Social, Environmental and Economic benefits of being a Member Owner

Summary of Membership Benefits:

*An equity share of a community-owned business
that is an important source for sustainably-produced
organic and local products.
*Voice in a democratically controlled co-operative
*Profits stay in the community
*Eligibility for patronage refund

*10% off one shopping trip per month
*20% off all educational classes
*5% off for Seniors (65+) and Students
*Free Admission to all Member events

*Food & Nutrition Consults
*Cooking Classes
*Wellness Classes
*Monthly Newsletter
*Food Integrity Issue Involvement
*Reading Discussion Groups
*In-store Health Fairs (Food, Wellness, Eco & Kids)

Joining and becoming a Member-Owner of Sevananda is fast and easy. All you need to do is either join online today using our electronic form and PayPal link, or come into the store and sign up at Customer Services. If you join online the process is a little different than an in-store sign-up.  There is a $5.00 Paypal Surcharge added to your $20.00 membership. Once it is paid,  you will get a call from us when your Member-Owner card is ready for pick up.

Click HERE for the form and click on the “Owner Agreement” to see the contract PDF.

What Is The Local Allies Program?
It is where a local business or organization offers discounts to all Sevananda Member Owners, making your investment in the co-op that much more valuable. In return, we promote these great local places to over 3,400 Members.

Dr. Kerry Kramer at L5P Chiropractic is offering all Sevananda Member Owners discounted services which include an in-office visit and chiropractic adjustments for $35.
Call 404-523-1000 for an appointment http://l5pchiropractic.com
427 Moreland Ave. NE Suite 300, Atlanta, GA 30307

Katie Kilgore at Salon Red & Spa is offering discounts on her services as an esthetician with 25% off your first Spa Service and 10% off any return visits.
Call 404-373-2868 for an appointment http://salonred.com
1642 DeKalb Ave. Atlanta, GA 30307

Did you know that if you’re a Member Owner of Sevananda you qualify to be a Member of B.O.N.D. Community Federal Credit Union?
Normally you need to live, work, or worship within a certain area to qualify, but as Sevananda and B.O.N.D. like to practice Co-op Principle #6 (Cooperation among Cooperatives) they allow our Member Owners to join the Credit Union no matter where they live. And if you’re a Member there, any one in your family can also join, no matter where they live!
B.O.N.D. was started in 1972 to help the people who lived in the area secure mortgages in trying times. That sounds familiar, doesn’t it? The Credit Union is just down the street and you can stop in to see what being a Member of a credit union can do for you. After all, they are Not For Profit, But For Service.

433 Moreland Ave. NE Atlanta, GA 30307
Phone: 404-525-0619

You must present your Member card at time of service.

Sevananda has long had a Courtesy Card Program for shoppers who might not be financially able to afford a Member Ownership in the store, but want to be able to shop here. With this card a 5% discount is given at the register each shopping trip. Member Owner benefits are not included. Monthly 10% coupons, patronage rebate checks and voting rights are not available for someone in the courtesy card program.
To qualify for this discount you must present WIC, SSI, AFDC, Fuel Assistance, Welfare or EBT/SNAP benefits information showing both income level and number of people in your family. A copy of this documentation must be attached to an application with your contact information. This will be compared to the US Government’s national poverty standards to see if you qualify.
Sevananda actually allows a person or family to make up to 10% more than the national poverty standards since Atlanta is an expensive place to live. If qualified, you will be contacted and a card made for you. Cards expire December 31st of the current year, and to continue this program you must reapply in January of the next year. The application is available at the Customer Services desk for your convenience.
For any questions or concerns, please contact Sharlise Lowe at sharlise@Sevananda.coop or 404.681.2831 ext.111