At Sevananda we are always looking for new and innovative ways to continue supporting our community. One of our co-op principles is concern for community. Building community and connecting is what we do! And local business is a priority!

We realize a lot of small businesses are apart of our community as well as national brands that are always seeking new customers to bring more awareness to their service or products. We have several ways to information share but we’ve got something new!

Introducing Sevananda’s Co-op Connect Digital Communication Boards.

With this unique information sharing opportunity, our media partner has created a platform for you to promote your business directly to your target audience, OUR CUSTOMERS!

Here’s how it works:

Digital Message Screens are strategically placed throughout our store in areas where opportunities for important sharing and/or product and service announcements can instantly grab our customers attention.

Your product or service announcement is placed on our screen to advertise your business, service or products.

With thousands of shoppers entering our store daily and weekly, your business will benefit from the increase in awareness, visibility and ultimately sales, and we get to support the growth of local business in our community!

It’s a win-win cooperative partnership! The goal? Continued cooperative economic growth of local business in our community. Join us!