Apples August through November
Arugula April through June (may be available from hot houses in winter)
Asparagus April through June
Basil May through September
Beans May through October
Beets April through June
Blueberries May through August
Bok Choy October through June
Broccoli May through June and October through December
Brussels sprouts November through February
Cabbage October through May
Cantaloupes June through August
Carrots October through May
Cauliflower October through December
Celery October through February
Chard October through May
Collard greens October through June
Corn June and July
Cucumbers June through August
Edamame June through September
Eggplant June through October
Figs July and August
Garlic May through October (available from storage year-round)
Green garlic March through May
Grapes July through October
Kale October through May
Leeks October through May
Lettuce September through June
Melons June through September
Mushrooms Year-round
Okra May through October
Onions March through November (available from storage year-round)
Parsnips October through December
Peaches May through August
Peas and pea pods February through May
Pecans September through December
Peppers June through September
Persimmons September through November
Plums & Pluots May through July
Potatoes May through August (available from storage through winter)
Radishes March through June
Spinach November through May
Squash (summer) May through October
Squash (winter) August through December
Strawberries April through June
Sweet Onions May and June
Sweet Potatoes August through February
Tomatoes June through October
Turnips October through April
Watermelons June through September
Zucchini May through October
Zucchini Blossoms May through September

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