Everything you’d expect to find at a full-service grocery store is what you’ll find in our Grocery Department — and it’s all natural, without artificial ingredients, irradiation, genetic modification, animal by-products or pesticides.

Meat, fish, beer, wines, and liquor are the only grocery items we don’t carry.

One of the best things we have here at Sevananda is our Bulk Department.

We have: candies chocolates, pretzels, nuts, grains, flours, sugars, soup mixes, coffee, pasta, trail mixes, cereals, soaps, olive oil, soy sauce, almond and peanut butter (freshly ground to order!) and even local honey for you to choose from. You can buy only what you need and save on packaging and not buy more than you’ll use!

How to use our Bulk Department

  • Put your item in the bags provided
  • All jars or bins will have a 4-digit PLU number on them
  • Write the PLU# on the twist-ties also provided

This helps your cashier ring up your purchases quickly and effectively

If you mix items in a bag, you will be charged $11.99/lb for bulk foods.

If it is your own bag or a container that you’ve paid for already, please have it weighed before you refill it, so that you’re only paying for the new amount, and not the weight of the container it comes in.

We kindly ask you not to snack on bulk foods before purchase; they are all weighed at a per pound price, after all. If you’d like a sample, please feel free to ask for help from any staffer and we’ll gladly let you try something new!

Water — We have refills available at $.69/gallon. If you bring your own container or reuse one you bought here – please come to Customer Services before filling so we can put a PAID sticker on it so the cashier does not charge you for the bottle/container.

Arden’s Garden – These locally-made juices and smoothies come from East Point, and we’re proud to be one of Arden’s longtime supporters. Their L5P shop is actually in our former bakery on Euclid Avenue.

Columbia Gorge – all-organic smoothies from Oregon (located by the front door)