Convenient, delicious, and healthy too!

That’s what’s hot and fresh at the Deli whether it’s a grab and go lunch, a family dinner, a fresh saled or even have a catered affair, or a baked-to-order cake.

Our kitchen is vegetarian, everything we prepare is natural and free from artificial ingredients, and many items are vegan or gluten-free.


We explore Thai, Italian, Tex-Mex, Southwestern, African, & Southern styles of cooking made right in our Kitchen fresh and hot just for you!

Italian day spaghetti, vegan pizza or baked ziti. We also have soysage and peppers, spicy collards, and garlic knots.

Or maybe you have a hankerin’ for some southwest favorites… our Tex-Mex menu features southwest stir-fry, mexican casserole and Spanish rice.

Our spiciest menu of the week is the African Menu with Cameroon-style seitan with spinach, and Jollof rice among your choices to fight your hunger pains.

Our  weekend country dinners may consist of seitan stroganoff, brats & peppers, black-eyed peas, vegan mac & cheese, spicy collards, dirty rice, broccoli in garlic sauce, or grilled vegetables with our weekend soups Gypsy and Black Bean Chili and we always have plenty of packaged soups (in pint and quart size)  are normally available in the cold-case.



Come try our (mostly) organic salad bar, full of mouth-watering ingredients to keep you full and healthy.


We offer desserts that are all natural and free of any animal products. Cakes, cupcakes, cinnamon rolls, parfaits, and pies are Sevananda favorites. Cookies, blondies & brownies are also in rotation.

Between our locally made dessert options and our fresh-from-the-kitchen pastries you will find what you need to fulfill your sweet tooth, naturally!