Our Grocery, Produce and Deli Departments are about much more than delicious things to eat. Our dedication to food integrity means you can trust that whatever you buy isn’t simply fresh, tasty and nutritious. It’s also been carefully selected using the most stringent product policy you’ll find anywhere. Whenever possible, it’s organic, natural, and fair-trade or locally sourced. We can tell you all about where it’s from, what’s in it — and what isn’t, like pesticides, artificial chemicals, or genetically modified ingredients. It’s the Sevananda difference.

Food Integrity

Our product sourcing policies are more stringent and more demanding than you’ll find anywhere else you could shop, and it’s that way because at Sevananda we live by a policy we call food integrity. Because we’ve developed in-depth, personal knowledge of our suppliers and their production methods over years of working with the same small, trusted group of growers and vendors — many of them locally based — we can guarantee the integrity and quality of everything we sell, so you get food you can trust. Nothing’s more important to us.