Over Thirty-seven years ago, Sevananda Community-Owned Natural Foods Market began as a small group of dedicated enthusiasts searching for a way to buy whole and organic foods. Today, Sevananda is one of the largest natural foods cooperatives in the southeastern United States.

One of the goals of Sevananda is to provide an enriching work experience to each member of our team. This goal allows us to focus on building a dynamic team structure, and provides us the resources we need to empower the community to improve its health and well-being. The community has high expectations of Sevananda, and we have high expectations of every person who chooses to work here. Sevananda staff members receive competitive wages and benefits including a staff discount.

Now Hiring! Full Time Wellness Manager

Position Overview
The Wellness Manager will serve as a role model who is friendly, and engaged with customer service and leads the Wellness team to provide excellent service to member-owners, shoppers; and internal service to staff/peers. The manager will also be knowledgeable about retail management, and maintain vision of the “big picture” for wellness department and co-op as a whole while simultaneously attending to details. The Wellness Manager will work with vendors, and select/obtain and merchandise products including but not limited to: supplements, essential oils, natural herbs / remedies and tinctures; and will have the ability to supervise staff to meet objectives for sales and margin goals determined in conjunction with the General Manager. The wellness department under the leadership of the Wellness Manager will maintain a high level of product knowledge, and communicate pertinent product information to the wellness team. This position reports directly to the GM, and supervises buyers and wellness clerks.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required:

• 3 years previous vitamin, supplement, and herb retail managing experience
• Experience managing margins, pricing, & inventory
• Experience managing department financials
• Strong demonstrated product knowledge of vitamins, herbs and natural remedies
• Ability to manage people and create systems of accountability
• Excellent communication skills
• Strong customer service experience
• Strong demonstrated merchandising skills and product knowledge
• The ability to work a flexible schedule including nights, weekends and holidays

Now Hiring! Full Time Morning/Daytime Cook

Position Overview
The cook will assist in a production kitchen with vegan / vegetarian food preparation. The cook will also cost out recipes, and assist with packing food, and all duties associated with keeping cases full. Will also assist the team with meeting objectives for sales, margin, customer service and environmental responsibility of a safe kitchen.

Position Qualifications and Responsibilities:
• Background in culinary with a strong work ethic
• Proven raw food preparation experience a plus
• Good references including prior supervisors
• Must have knife skills, with an ability to cook from both scratch and recipes & adjust recipes as needed
• Enough math skills to re-scale recipes
• Food preparation with instruction and from recipe
• Willingness to do provide outstanding customer service
• Knowledge of natural vegan and vegetarian foods a plus

Now Hiring! Dish Washer

Position Overview
The Dishwasher washes all dishes in the kitchen.

• Demonstrated interpersonal communication skills
• Ability solve problems, efficiently handle multiple duties under pressure with
• minimal supervision; work flexible hours as required including nights/weekends
• Positive attitude, professional manner and appearance in all situations


• Wash dishes, glassware, flatware, pots, or pans by hand.
• Place clean dishes, utensils, or cooking equipment in storage areas.
• Maintain kitchen work areas, equipment, or utensils in clean and orderly condition.
• Sweep or scrub floors.

Now Hiring! Full-Time Parking Attendant
Position Overview
Responsible for directing patrons into open spots, and also aiding and assisting them in/out of store in increment weather conditions; and with putting grocery into their vehicles.

Position Qualifications and Responsibilities:
• Greet all customers that enter the store.
• Manipulate vehicles to take advantage of all spaces.
• Clean up debris from parking lot.
• Use hand signals to direct patrons into open spots.
• Call tow trucks if person is parked illegally.
• Help customers locate their vehicles.
• Resolve parking lot disputes that occur between customers.
• Able to deal with disgruntled customers.
• Escort customers to their vehicles if needed, and assist with loading groceries into their vehicles.
• Lifting 5-gallon water jugs into cars.
• Ability to withstand changing weather conditions.
• Restock grocery baskets into the store as they complete usage.
• Help shoppers exit parking lot safely as needed.
• Store maintenance and cleaning.

Employment with Sevananda Natural Foods is voluntarily entered into, Georgia law provides that employment for an indefinite duration is at-will, and may be terminated by either party without cause

Please download and complete application and skills sheet.