What is the Be The Change Program?Sevananda Natural Foods Market’s Be The Change Program is our contribution to a healthier Atlanta. Each time you go through the register at Sevananda, you have the opportunity to contribute to a local non-profit by either donating a specific dollar amount or rounding your purchase up to the nearest dollar. By donating your spare change, you are contributing to a better Atlanta.

How does it work?A committee composed of members of our co-op select community nonprofit organizations from those who apply each year. These organizations are assigned one month each in the upcoming calendar year. . During the assigned month, shoppers at Sevananda contribute to the organization at the register.

How does the Be The Change program fulfill Sevananda Natural Food Market’s mission?It enables Sevananda to empower the community through a financial donation to improve its health and well-being.

Be The Change Program history:Our Be The Change Program began as the Community Change Program. This was a program started by Sevananda Natural Foods Market in 1997 in order to make contributions to locally based non-profit organizations and we have expanded both our relationships with the type of groups in the program, as well how we work with them throughout their year of being a Sevananda partner.Applications will be taken every Fall to become a Be The Change partner so Be the Change you want to see in the world” by using your spare change to make a difference next time you shop at Sevananda Natural Foods Market.

It’s That Time of Year Again!

Download your “Be The Change”

Application Here!

Please make sure you read and do everything in the application to eliminate you from being disqualified!

For more information about participating in our Be The Change program, contact: sharlise@sevananda.coop


2019 Be the Change Partners

February Project Green, Inc.
April Live Healthy & Thrive Youth Foundation
June Cool Girls Inc.
July Pebble Tossers Inc.
August Collard Greens Cultural Festival
September GA. Cooperative Development Center
November Women Healing Women, Inc.
December Omenala Griot Cultural Museum