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8 of the World’s Healthiest Spices & Herbs You Should Be Eating

By Kerri-Ann Jennings, M.S., R.D., Associate Nutrition Editor at EatingWell Magazine As a registered dietitian and associate nutrition editor at EatingWell Magazine, I know that herbs and spices do more than simply add flavor to food. They let you cut down on some less-healthy ingredients, such as salt, added sugars and saturated fat, and some […]

Eating Organic and Pesticide Free Is Healthier and Saves Money in the Long-run

By Thomas Pawlenko, GM On October 11, the Atlanta Journal Constitution ran an article by Lauren Davidson that quoted a “nutrition specialist” with a large medical company in part, not to buy “everything on your grocery list at a high-end natural foods store when some items can be found cheaper elsewhere”. The implication was that […]