Sevananda stands with you.  We are truly dealing with unprecedented circumstances, and as you and your family navigate the current impact on our health and way of life, we are here to help you.  The Sevananda Board of Directors is in constant communication with our General Manager (GM), Ahzjah Simons, to make sure Sevananda is making it through these difficult times by supplying the available products and services that you, our valued customers have become accustomed to.  We have families, too, and understand how the family-friendly environment of Sevananda is always a comfort.

The Board can assure you that we are operating from the most up to date information provided by the most credible sources to ensure the health and safety of members/owners and the staff are our top priority.

Ahzjah is fielding the daily updates and recommendations from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) in conjunction with our Cooperative community as a national cohesive guide to how we best serve you.  Living in a “new normal” doesn’t mean we have to be deprived of what makes us whole, so we are adjusting intending to improve our quality of life.

As humans, our interactive ability allows us to adjust to sudden changes in our social norms particularly in hardship times of recession and depression where our family values will prompt us to bond with those loved ones who are of important concern to us.

Taking advantage of these rapidly changing times can prove to shift how we learn to cooperate more with each other for comfort and protection. It also allows us to reassess our health status and what serves us best to attain and maintain the best consumption choices and hygienic practices that ensure optimal results which may positively impact immune systems.  

Our GM is also closely monitoring the inventory stock so we can continue to get the quality of food for which you rely on Sevananda.  Our herbal selection continues to be available so you can cleanse your insides as well as your outside – keeping your mind, body, and spirit inflow. She will be available for your questions and concerns and will use all mediums of communication to keep us all updated as the intra-industry shares valuable Intel among themselves.

Globally, some of your needs may be greater than what we can provide, so we have a list of other organizations that may be of help to you, just ask at the customer service desk.  We are all concerned about the next immediate mandates, but the Board of Directors, the General Manager, and our dynamic staff commit to being here with you every step of the way. 

Board of Directors